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Welcome to Ambient House

Ambient House is a residential parenting assessment centre, owned by an independent company.  Working with  Local Authorities,  Social Workers, Guardians, Solicitors and Courts across the UK,  to provide unbiased parenting assessments  with the focus on ensuring the best outcome for each child.


Feedback from Father, Age 34.


 “Thank you for everything you have done for me and my little family, you literally saved me and kept me and my family together. Its been hard work but I realised all you wanted to do was help and support me" 

Feedback from a Mum, Age 19.


 “Great place to be and the support from staff is amazing, going to miss being here. Positive thoughts create positive things and the smilies here are contagious.”

Feedback from a mum, Age 39.


 “My stay at Ambient House was life changing, they sorted by problems offering support and therapy so I could work through them. I can honestly say I am a new woman, stronger than I have ever been and have a clearer mind. Free to absorb a positive future."

Feedback from Professionals

the service IDENTIFIES the need of the service user

100% of professionals from Local Authorities provided written feedback that we were excellent at identifying the needs of the service user.

The service effectively SAFEGUARDED the child at all times

100% of professionals from Local Authorities provided written feedback that we were excellent at safeguarding the child at all times.

The service IDENTIFIED any additional concerns

100% of professionals from Local Authorities provided written feedback that we were excellent at identifying any additional concerns and feeding these back effectively.

Quality of assessment

100% of written feedback from professionals said the assessments were good or excellent.

100% of PROFESSIONALS would RECOMMEND our service!

Written feedback from the professionals 100% said they would recommend our service.

Meet our team


a team You Can Trust

Under a New  Manager and staff team, Ambient House provides a wealth of support, knowledge, qualifications and experience in residential care.

Our New Manager is James Witchell-Towers who has 11 years' experience in residential care and has previously been a registered manager with Ofsted. The new team and staff structure will ensure that the centre runs to the best of its ability, exceeds every minimum standard to provide a safe and supportive environment for all its residents and staff. All our team have extensive experience in safeguarding and risk assessments. We have a trained and experienced Designated Safeguarding Officer.


Experienced and supportive

Our new team all have experience of working in residential care and social care and are educated from a level 2 NVQ to a master’s level. Our team is made up of management, social workers, an independent counsellor, senior support workers and family support workers. Our team all have extensive knowledge and experience in child development and the impact of adverse childhood experiences on parenting. 

We have created staff profiles identifying everyone’s qualifications and experiences for your information. 


SPECIALISMS within our team

We have a number of specialisms within the team including midwifery, adult nursing, mental health (including personality disorders, OCD, PTSD and eating disorder), sexual health, nutrition, a vast experience of working with children, vulnerable adults and young people and parents with  learning difficulties, challenging behaviours, emotional and behavioural needs, substance misuse, domestic abuse, sexualised behaviour and special educational needs. 

Services we provide


assessments we provide

We provide Residential Parenting Assessments and Viability Assessments. We can provide residential assessment for both parents together or a single parent assessment. 

Our residential services are aimed at everyone including; young parents under the age of 16, care-leavers, parents with mental health concerns or learning disabilities and parents with substance abuse histories and domestic abuse. In addition to parenting skills, we support parents with daily living, nutrition, self esteem, healthy relationships, budgeting, debt management, emotional well being and their mental health.


residential placements

We provide a range of Residential Assessments for families, the majority of our residential assessments are between 6 and 12 week timeframes.
However, within these timeframes, we reserve the right to suspend/terminate an assessment if, at any stage, it is felt that it is not in the best interests of the child for the placement to continue. Should this situation arise, a consultation meeting with the referring Social Worker and Children’s Guardian would take place, and a final decision would be made in conjunction with these professionals.


VIability Assessments

We will undertake paper based viability assessments free of charge (subject to the documentation for perusal not exceeding a 100 pages). We will charge a cost of £50 plus VAT for viability assessments that require perusal of documentation in excess of a 100 pages.

We can provide two week residential viability assessments, whereby the family reside with us at Ambient House and a report is produced by our social worker at the conclusion of the two week period to establish the viability of a longer term placement.


who can make a referral

We accept referrals from Local Authorities throughout the UK.

We also accept referrals straight from the child's guardian, courts and parents legal representation.

The acceptance of a referral is decided by the Manager and this will be confirmed in writing.

Referral criteria

Parents with children of any age will be considered for a residential placement at Ambient House. 

Careful consideration and in-depth discussions will take place with the referring agency and any other relevant professionals to decide whether Ambient House and its team  can provide an appropriate service for each individual family.


Before admission we must receive in writing the following documentation:

  • Our completed and signed referral form.
  • A pre-placement risk assessment.

A placement planning meeting must be held with 48 hrs of admission. 


Referrals must in the first instance be discussed with our management team. Admissions are ideally pre-planned, however all referrals (including emergency placements) are given thorough consideration and an impact risk assessment will be completed to consider any matching considerations between current families and a proposed new family.

CCTV system

Ambient House is fitted with a CCTV system throughout the house and its grounds. Cameras are situated in all communal areas and each bedroom has a single camera above the cot only. The ones above the cots will only be used if requested by the referrer and after the completion of a risk assessment. The use of the bedroom camera will continue to be assessed throughout the placement. 

Making a referral

We are happy to take initial referral enquiries over the telephone; However, for an actual referral you will need to complete our referral form and pre-placement risk assessment. 

Please email info@ambienthouse.co.uk 

and we will provide these for you. 

Parents Area

What to expect


We hope to support and encourage you to develop your skills in understanding your child’s needs. The usual length of the placement is 12 weeks. However, everybody is different and the length may vary depending on what kind of help and support you require. 

We have staff available to support you around the clock so there is always someone to help you or offer advice.  Your assessment will involve a number of processes including:

• An agreed family plan.

• Direct observations of you with your child.

• Individual and Group Work Sessions.

• Independence and Life Skills.

• Written assessments of your progress-which you will see. 

• A final report at the end of your placement.

We will work in partnership with you to help you achieve each of your goals, whilst making sure that you and your child remain safe and protected.

What to bring with you


We have sterilisers, moses baskets and cots and  bouncers which you are welcome to use for the duration of your stay but equally you are welcome to bring your own. Please bring your mobile phone and charger if you wish and any additional personal items.

We have sterilisers, moses baskets and cots and baby bouncers which you are welcome to use for the duration of your stay but equally you are welcome to bring your own. 

Where will i sleep


Each family has their own room whilst staying with us. 

Each room has a double bed, wardrobe and drawers, a cot and either a sofa or a chair. All rooms have a handbasin and their own TV.  On arrival you are provided with a key to your room. Unless it is an emergency, no one will enter your room without your permission. 


Our Centre

Additional Information about our centre

We work with a maximum of four families at any one time. This small number allows staff to work intensively with each family and to produce thorough, balanced and clear assessments that help ensure the best outcomes for each child. 

We will teach, promote and assess parenting skills to ensure that children are safe, protected and thriving. We offer families an opportunity for intensive support to help them recognise the needs of their children. 

Our aim is to provide families with a calm, pleasant and supporting environment to enable their learning and development. This will maximise the opportunity they have been offered and help them quickly settle and focus on the care of their children without feeling overwhelmed.

We aim to plan and provide the best possible care and support to promote better outcomes for the long-term future.

The centre itself is a large detached house that's been recently converted and decorated for a light and spacious feel. We are approximately 400 yards from the beach. We have 4 spacious bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 additional toilets, a large kitchen, a dining room, A very spacious lounge and a playroom. We also have a counselling room and the management office. The house has gas central heating throughout. We have an enclosed courtyard at the back of the property.

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